Baby S, St Paul Newborn Photographer

Since having my first child last year, I’ve come to realize what a gift children are. Yes, I realize that I say that now…years before I’ve just about blown a gasket because of my son drawing with crayons (or worse…markers!) on the living room wall or before I’ve seen a “code red” melt down at […]

And it goes on…

This winter hasn’t let us down yet.  Oh no, not yet!  We are still pulling on long johns, stuffing our feet into those big boots and hauling out the shovels to get ride of the white stuff.  I know there are plenty of you who don’t enjoy the snow, and even though this post makes […]

Impromptu Shoot in Texas

Last month I was lucky enough to get to travel to Dallas, TX for a tradeshow for work along with my friend /co-worker/should-be-a-model, Jadah Green.  One of our traveling tradeshow reps, Sean Johnson, met us there.  He introduced us to this pretty cool photographer he knew named Jordan Chan from North Carolina.  Sean, Jordan and I all […]