About the Photographer


Growing up I enjoyed taking pictures with my dad’s Canon 35mm film camera.  My main subject matter then was nature; landscape images & detailed shots of the great outdoors.

In high school I took all the photography classes that were available, helping my budding love of photography along.  In 2007, I received an AA in Photography.

I have been working in the photography industry for more than 11 years now, with experience behind the camera and at a professional photo lab (customer service and production).

My subject matter has changed these days…

your newborn babe that is growing (too fast!) right before your eyes,

those little kiddos of yours that are learning new things every day,

your high school Senior who is about to step out into the real world as an adult,

and all those little moments in between.

With all this valuable experience, you can trust me to capture your family’s precious moments together.  Know that when you come to me for your family’s portraits, you will receive high quality service & products (memories!) that will last a lifetime.

-Alex Dahl

To reach Alex, email Alexmariephoto@hotmail.com.

Alex is a photographer located in St. Paul, Minnesota and is available for travel.

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