A New Arrival in the Spring

Ahh!  Do you hear that?  That’s the sound of song birds chirping out the door.

Do you smell that?  That’s the smell of dewy earth coming alive in the warmth of the sun.

Spring is officially here!

What a beautiful season full of life, hope and renewal!  Little buds blooming on trees, flowers popping up from the ground, lil’ chicks and bunnies everywhere, and what spring would be complete without a new baby!

Meet baby Casen!  For our photo date, he was just 5 days new and precious as could be.  I pretty much fell in love with this little guy, and his beautiful hair!  Congratulations Mom & Dad, you have a gorgeous new addition to your sweet family.

Newborn photographerMN-7447

Newborn photographer MN-7471-7474

Newborn photographerMN 7440

Newborn photographerMN-7595

Newborn photographerMN-7663

Newborn photographerMN-7348


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