Impromptu Shoot in Texas

Last month I was lucky enough to get to travel to Dallas, TX for a tradeshow for work along with my friend /co-worker/should-be-a-model, Jadah Green.  One of our traveling tradeshow reps, Sean Johnson, met us there.  He introduced us to this pretty cool photographer he knew named Jordan Chan from North Carolina.  Sean, Jordan and I all had our cameras there, and Sean had a photography homework assignment due so we were helping him out.  When he was finished with his assignment, we didn’t stop shooting!  We stayed up until 1:30am taking pictures of Jadah at the Hotel.  It was a good time, Jordan had some great ideas and was very helpful.  Poor Jadah was ready to fall asleep on us, but did an awesome job!  Note to self: the next time you plan on staying up way late shooting after working a long day on your feet, think again (or just get a really good nights sleep the night before).








One thought on “Impromptu Shoot in Texas

  1. I absolutely love these pictures. ESPECIALLY the fourth down…the one taken from above her head with her leaning on what I think is a banister. The angle is crazy (in the best way) and she looks gorgeous. Great shot!

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